Divergent Pictures (2014)

I’ll be honest. I’m still not entirely sure what Divergent is… What I can tell you, is that this film is another Young Readers Fantasy/SciFi/Action/Etc film. At first glance, it seems like just another Hunger Games movie with a few differences. This time around, the film features the amazing Shailene Woodley in a lead role, alongside newcomer Theo JamesKate Winslet will have a strong role as one of the heads of the society in the film. Also in the cast, is Woodley’s counterpart in The Spectacular NowMiles Teller! In this futuristic society, Woodley’s character Beatrice Prior has a mind unlike all the others and Kate Winslet’s authoritarian leader wants to kill her and her kind. It’s supposed to be a pretty cool idea/concept, so this may be one to check out! Look at the photos below and leave your thoughts on them (image size may vary)!

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