All Is Lost Trailer (2013)

Robert Redford opens up the doors to his boat and is met with hard raid and fierce winds.

Legendary actor Robert Redford has captivated audiences at film festivals this year with what is said to be one of his best performances in his one-man-show film, All Is Lost. The film depicts Redford’s character as he struggles to survive a storm on the high seas! He’ll encounter all the elements as he barely clings to life. The film does bring Tom Hanks’ Castaway into mind, but Redford barely speaks in this film. There’s also no Wilson to comfort Redford. Friends of mine who have seen this film have raved about it and suffice to say, I’m excited for it. It’s not going to be a film for everybody, but I’m willing to give Redford the benefit of the doubt! If this trailer piques your interest, you just might have to follow up on that by seeing this movie when it’s released!

This film will be released on October 18. 2013 and is Rated PG-13 for brief strong language.

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