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Since the second grade, I’ve been acting and singing whenever I had the chance. Theater and music has always played a large part in my life and they’re both things that I hold dear to myself. Growing up, I was also exposed to a lot of awesome movies that my dad loved. The combination of acting on stage and the possibility of acting for film has always been a main goal of mine. I guess you could say that I’ve grown up around actors and movies all my life.

This love of performing and performances has only grown throughout the years, as has my taste in what I like to see in plays and movies. In my spare time, I watch movies of every type. It was when I entered High School, when I knew that I absolutely loved movies. When I have nothing else, they’ve always been there. Comedy to make me laugh. Drama and Romance to make me cry. Action, Adventure, and Sci-Fi to make me relax and enjoy! No matter what I’ve been through, I’ve always had my go to movies that I would never shut up about to my friends.

My love of writing has fueled lots of screenplays and stories that spawn from my “creative” mind. As of a year ago, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to go to movie screenings with my good friend and fellow film critic, Mike Ward at shouldiseeit.net! These screenings not only served as an awesome time, but I also began associating with other critics who shared similar interests to myself. I’d always had a domain name registered, but never anything to put on it. Well, that changed when I decided that I’ve watched enough movies (and would come to watch many, many more) and had enough opinions on them to start reviewing them. For the last year-and-a-half now, I’ve been reviewing new movies as they come out, and now have begun reviewing the movies that I missed in theaters as DVD Reviews. It’s been a lot of fun and now I’ve got the opportunity to write for my school paper, The Daily Cougar, at the University of Houston!

Nick Tiffany

Editor of “Nick Tiffany’s Movie Reviews”

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