2 Guns (2013)

2 Guns follows the story of 2 undercover agents working to bust a Mexican Drug Lord. Bobby Trench (Denzel Washington) is a DEA Agent who has been undercover for 12 months to try to put an end to Papi Greco (Edward Hames Olmos). Also undercover and trying to stop Greco is Navy Seal Intelligence Officer, Michael Stigman (Mark Wahlberg). When the two end up partnered up, unbeknownst of one another’s real affiliations, they plan to rob a bank where Greco has stashed around Three Million Dollars. They get the money, they can trace it back to Greco. Simple, right?

Oh no… 2 Guns has a few tricks up its sleeves. After breaking into the bank, the men find around 40 Million Dollars instead. It’s then that the two men discover each others aliases and must team up against Earl (Bill Paxton), a ruthless Southern cowboy-type, whom the money actually belongs to. Along their treacherous path, both Wahlberg and Washington have run ins with old partners, Quince and Deb (James Marsden & Paula Patton), and will face a bit more than 2 guns.

For being a big film with some very big stars, there has been very little advertising for this film. Most people I ask haven’t even heard of it. Also, the film is based on a successful graphic novel. Again, that was also never advertised. I’m curious as to why this is, only because it’s a pretty decent movie that has the possibility to do well at the box office (although Smurfs 2 will unfortunately dominate).

For the most part, this film is fine. The interaction and chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington is fantastic. They both work really well together and bring a lot to the table. They’re also both really badass. Bill Paxton plays an awesome bad guy and it’s clear that he had fun with it! Paula Patton and James Marsden, while having weird characters, also do well! The cast of this film makes up for where the story and script lack. This a B movie that certainly comes off as one. It’s an enjoyable film, but there are better ones out there with better stories and casts. As for other complaints or praises, keep reading for my Top Ten Thoughts on 2 Guns!


Come on... I can't be the only one who was wanting 2 Chainz to come out and shout "2 Guns"... Right?

Come on… I can’t be the only one who was wanting 2 Chainz to come out and shout “2 Guns”… Right?

What I Enjoyed

What I Didn’t Enjoy

Mark Wahlberg is hilarious! He’s a great blend of comedy and realism.

I did not enjoy Paula Patton’s character. She’s fine, but her motives are odd and unexplained.

Denzel Washington is Denzel Washington. He delivers yet another awesome performance.

Like with Patton, I also didn’t enjoy James Marsden’s character. He’s underdeveloped and has unclear and unexplained motives.

The chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington drives this film.

I was wanting to see a bit more interaction between Wahlberg and Washington. They could have had more time and it would have helped.

Bill Paxton plays an awesome bad guy! He has fun with the role which makes it more fun for us!

This film is nothing spectacular. It tries to be something it’s not; clever. While it is fun, it tries too hard.

The action in this film is pretty cool.

There could have been a lot more action for a film of this caliber.

This movie is tons of fun. The action and comedy blend well!

There are quite a few continuity issues within this film that really stood out to me and bothered me.

The supporting cast is great! Everyone has a lot of fun!

The film runs a bit long, partly due to the films prolonged ending.

Denzel Washington’s voice is so cool. He commands his scenes and really gets your attention.

The ending of this film tries to come off as more complex than it really is.

This movie is based on a graphic novel! Why wasn’t that ever mentioned beforehand?

There has been hardly any advertising done for this film, or so it seems. While it is a big Friday release, not too many people know about it.

This movie works because of its cast. It’s a lot of fun and a great popcorn flick!

The poor advertising of this film mixed with its average script doesn’t bode well for this film to do all that well at the box office.


In the end, great performances and chemistry from Wahlberg and Washington end up saving this movie. The script and plot are nothing you haven’t seen before, so the film tries to throw in some twists. Unfortunately, those twists are either predictable or just really dumb. That being said, there’s a lot of great action and comedy within this film, mainly due to Wahlberg’s realistic character. This film, despite its lacking story and script, is still quite a bit of fun and is the better choice compared to the Smurfs 2 for this weekends newest movies.

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3.5 STARS!!!

3.5 / 5 stars     

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