Annihilation (2018)

Alex Garland has been one of the most brilliant voices in film sci-fi for the last couple decades, penning screenplays for The Beach (his own novel), 28 Days Later, and Sunshine. Recently, he stepped into Directing with his AI mystery Ex Machina, which he also wrote. Garland often approaches the genre of science fiction very seriously… Continue reading Annihilation (2018)

Best of the Year: 2017

The Academy Awards (Oscars) have revealed the nominees for the 2017 film season (here), with The Shape of Water leading the charge with a staggering 13 nominations. Blade Runner 2049 and Dunkirk find themselves duking it out for many of the technical awards, while Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and Lady Bird picked up at least two… Continue reading Best of the Year: 2017

Top Ten Films of 2017

2017 came in went in a flash and with it, dozens of films I missed in theaters and on DVD. The last couple weeks of 2017 and the first couple weeks of 2018 were spent playing catch-up with awards hopefuls and the films I knew had a lasting impact this last year. I managed to… Continue reading Top Ten Films of 2017

IT (2017)

For 2-hours and some change I sat terrified for a group of children battling an evil entity in the form of their greatest fears. For much of the film, IT is disguised as Pennywise The Dancing Clown. His cranium is massive, with red hair curling all over. Most noticeable about Penny-wise are his glowing and… Continue reading IT (2017)

The Jungle Book (2016)

Jon Favreau (Chef, Swingers, Elf) and Disney have breathed new life into the animated classic The Jungle Book, which saw a young boy grow up alongside talking and singing animals. As he tries to find his footing in this world, so does Favreau, as this project is no doubt his biggest and greatest achievement. It’s… Continue reading The Jungle Book (2016)